15 Jun


I was in Radio Shack, looking around at all the electronic gadgets they had. Radio Shack had a BOGO – buy one get one 1/2 price. Looking around the store I discovered another Action Camera – ION Air Pro. Decided to get it and the ION SnapCam to try out. At the very least I could do reviews on both items.

A few months ago I purchased a GoPro Hero 4 Silver for $399. The GoPro is not a camera I want to take a chance of loosing or damaging. A $99 camera would be just the thing for hanging out the car window, dunking under water, etc…

I liked the barrel shape of the camera. Unlike the GoPro (you never know what your shooting) the ION Air Pro points directly at your subject. Operating the ION Air Pro was a simple as switch on (light turns green), push to record (light turns red), push back to stop.

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